Facebook Social Media Monthly Traffic By Country

Heyy everyone.. sorry i posting here after long time,  its just bec i was hijacked by some terrorist while traveling to Dubai and unable to connect my internet there…..lolz i’m just kidding was kind of busy with my recent projects.

Lets back to work, i recently looking around some social media stuffs and came up with Monthly Facebook traffic by country and average CPC – Cost per click charged by facebook for advertising to there platform.

No doubts social media traffic can be very targeted and they allow you to target your audience by Age, Gender, location no matter its stats, city besides that you can even target ppls by there interest, groups and likes.  This can actually help small business to reached there audience and market there stuffs for better conversion and profit.

And best part is Facebook Fanpages and Group which truly another gem, you can actually build list of peoples who interested in your services and keep them updated with your services, and for sure your fans who liked your facebook page will convert into some decent sales. Besides this i would love to share Facebook  Monthly traffic by country, these numbers can help you to choose your demographic easily.

fb traffic sumit dhawan


Country  # of Facebook Users
USA                     132,810,940
UK                        27,806,860
Indonesia                        27,338,560
Turkey                        23,516,140
France                        19,444,660
Italy                        16,888,600
Philippines                        16,235,000
Canada                        16,199,840
Mexico                        15,037,020
India                        13,188,580
Argentina                        11,381,120
Colombia                        11,115,840
Spain                        11,010,060
Germany                        10,889,960
Australia                          9,520,280
Malaysia                          8,163,300
Chile                          7,362,040
Venezuela                          7,148,100
Taiwan                          7,052,660
Brazil                          6,114,340
Thailand                          5,143,240
Egypt                          4,077,520
Sweden                          3,976,820
Hong Kong                          3,587,080
Belgium                          3,581,700
Poland                          3,242,560
Israel                          3,209,040
South Africa                          3,187,180
Greece                          2,934,800
Czech Rep                          2,800,540

Top 10 Social Networking Sites of 2010

Social Networking Sites is very effecting for every website to get good rank in Search engine, back links, Page Rank, Alexa ranking improvements.

 As we all know, Twitter, Myspace and facebook are most promising social networking sites, which can bring you good number of unique and quality visitors. These 3 social networking websites getting more then 1 million daily new users registers daily. And I feel it’s a best way to reached with your targeted audience.

1. Facebook. Although it hasn’t always reigned supreme, in recent months Facebook has come head to head with Twitter. Facebook is more stable technically and offers many features that Twitter doesn’t.

2. Twitter. Twitter has definitely gotten a lot of face time in the news lately, however, it still has some work since its in its infancy. Luckily for avid users, the creators are continually working on new features and better functionality.

3. LinkedIn. Many business professionals use LinkedIn. It’s a great resource for posting an online resume and highlighting your business skills.

4. Myspace.  Up until this last year, Myspace was easily the number one social network. However, Myspace is falling behind — some might say it’s been left in the dust. Although it’s in decline, Myspace still holds value for musicians and artists.

5. Ning. Although Ning has millions of users, it’s little known and utilized by most people. Ning has revolutionalized social media in a lot of ways in how it boasts thousands of niche networks within itself.

6. Bebo. One of the better known social network sites among the smaller sites, Bebo, like Myspace, gives users the option to customize their profile. Bebo has recently increased traffic because of new features that let users see their friends’ activity on other social networking sites.

7. Orkut. Although its little known in the U.S., Orkut is extremly popular in other countries, including Brazil and India. Most suprisingly is that its owned and operated by Google.

8. Hi5. Hi5 has been floating around as a social network for a while, but has never been able to keep up with the competition of Facebook, Myspace and others. It has most of the same features as Myspace and Facebook, but is more popular in Central America.

9. Friendster. Many people think that social networking began with Myspace, but it really originated with Friendster. It remains a top-notch social network similar to Myspace and Facebook, despite being overtaken by them a few years ago.

10. Xanga. Of the ten listed here, probably one of the lesser known, although its been around for more than 10 years. Xanga is different in how it focues on photo, video and weblogging