What Are The Advantages Of Google Plus For Business?

images (40)Google for business has progress to be a growth market for businesses and for SEO. Google+ has surely succeeded where the prior attempts at harnessing social media have been unsuccessful. Remember Google Buzz or Google Wave?

Google plus has reached 100 million users quicker than Facebook and Twitter it tool even more to make 100 million. Google may have finally built the social network they are anticipating for.

Why should my business be present on Google Plus?

This is a good question. Well Google owns and operates it obviously. Similar to YouTube and Google Places for Business, Google plus profile do possess few perks in getting positioned by Google. You enhance the odds of getting highly aimed audience from Google’s organic search outcomes if you own a Google Plus account.

Identical to Facebook’s like, google involves +1 votes. The more votes you have, the better it is for you. These social signal votes let Google comprehend that what you are sharing is being viewed and shared. These profiles and pages have a considerable impact on search positions.

Recorded below are a number of tips that will let you know of few ways you can utilize Google plus for business. The extra advantages of enhancing the authority and impact of your company, your brand will boost your search positions.

 Your Google Plus Profile

You get a great chance to mention about your business and products and services through the about section of Google+ profile. You can mention what your business is all about, the types of products and services you provide. This introduction content will to end up being utilized by Google as your page’s meta description when it becomes visible in the search outcomes.

Best tip-You can build links within that introduction content that links back to a number of pages of your website. A number of smartly utilized anchor text keywords would be helpful however no keyword stuffing is required.

download (23)Link, link, LINK!

If you are also present on any other social media networking platforms, from Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest, you should all them to the links section of your Google+ profile as well. What best way to get a few more link juice and authority form Google than to own your social profiles embraced on their page for your business?

Circle Google+ users!

You can search users to add to your circles quite easily dependent on your interest with Google search feature. Similar to Twitter, the odds are in your favor instead if you add them to your Google+ circle, they will in return follow your account back. Doing so can improve your odds of exposure when you begin sharing your content with the outside world!

Share content!

Each article that you will be sharing will build a link back to your website. And with it being Google, you sharing on their social media networking result in getting content indexed in no time. Share content be it is an infographic or video or any funny video, sharing is caring for Google plus network.


How Can You Use Images For Online Advertising?

marketAre you having a difficult time doling out articles to advertise your products and services? Does the idea of trying to create a video getting on your nerves? There is yet another method to build great content to advertise your business through online marketing and it is simpler than you may be thinking.

Let’s see how you can use these images for online advertising to aid you create brand awareness, enhance your search traffic and enhance your social following online.

It is no surprise that few of the most frequented websites in the world are focused around searching or sharing pictures. For instance, following given sites constantly show up lists of top sites:

Build an Image marketing strategy

images (26)It is never too persuading someone that one of the famous traffic sources can be a picture based site such as Google Images or Pinterest. But we progress to witness it happen as more businesses are getting innovative and aggressive with their image advertising strategies.

To aid you take benefit of these fabulous traffic referral sources I have mentioned below few important steps build your own effective image advertising strategy.

  • Optimize the pictures on your site/blog
  • Set up accounts on not more than 1-2 image websites that you really utilize
  • Begin with what you already possess
  • Get to know how to operate the profile
  • Blend it well
  • Gain some exposure

Let your pictures speak for you and your business

It has been never been simpler to capture, build and utilize images to obtain your message out to those willing to know. And if your business is such that builds innovative products and offers amazing experiences, they your audience desires to hear from you even more. Pictures as already stated are an impressive way to do just that.

With a good strategy, a little innovation and a lot of dedication images can be utilized very impressively to aid business get more exposure and grow more business. Whether you are already utilizing images for business marketing and require some guidance or you are still considering the option of utilizing images to enhance your business, a lot of article available online will help you take an informed decision.


Which Ones Are The Top Social Media Platforms To Watch In The Year 2014?

Obviously Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine will stay as the champions of the social media landscape but chances are that the new and unexplored social media channels can also lure many of us in.

A real signal of the potential and commitment of these fresh social channels comes in the form of engagement and financial banking of A-list celebrities, billionaires and strong social media players. Whether it is Leonardo DiCpario or Justin Bieber or the co-founder of Twitter, it seems the affluent and popular are curious to get their hands in the lots of social media pies and correctly so. In the year 2013 it was reported that the value of Facebook’s market had reached over $100 bn while the social media giant too bought Instagram for what was taken by many as the low cost of $1bn.

To aid you ride the social media trend wave with thrilling adventure in 2014, here are the top 5 social media websites:


Powered by Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Willians, Lance Armstrong and Tobey Maguire, this opponent of Instagram definitely is an appealing choice. However this is not such a uniqueness in the world of the start- up social network as we will explore in near future.

Quite identical to Instagram, Mobli functions as a visual search engine and enables users to follow friends and find hashtags. However Mobli normally has more properties than its forefather and flaunted video-sharing abilities long before they are accessible on Instagram and Vine.


This creative fresh blogging platform hails from the A-list of the social media landscape. The co-founder of Twitter as well as Blogger, Evan Williams brings you a blogging platform that will lend you with the best posts of the website. (via an algorithm and an editorial pool of members)

Despite being closed sign-up network restricted to content from the sharp minds in technology, design and culture initially, Medium has now made it possible for any user to write on the website. This platform provides a rapid and clean approach with its easy format, making it outstandingly simple for even the most tech-phobic writers to air their unique content.

download (7)Impossible:

Supermodel and actress turned entrepreneur, Lily cole built her own social network by the name of Impossible at the end of year 2013. Backed by Wikipedia and other sharp minds of Google, this website has a great potential to cover the distance and perhaps bring about a change in the world-to a certain degree obviously.

Shots of Me

Yeah the inevitable has taken place. Justin Bieber has invested a good amount in social networking site that supports one function i.e. to share selfies. This app is only compatible with a phone’s front facing camera and must hopefully attract majorly the teenagers. The images are required to be instant quite similar to Snapchat.

download (6)We Heart It

It has been recently reported by Mashable that We Heart It can be the next big social network while TechCrunch also described the social platform as a trend-setting app for youth. And with whopping 25 million users, three billion page views every month and over 60 million fresh pictures a month, it is very simple to see why.


Instructions For Using Pinterest As It Should Be

PinterestGlobalDataUsage_4f6fa0dcc3f40The internet is the gateway through which plentiful gates of scopes are started to the public. Among the different uses of the online the web scrap booking is exceedingly much admired and alert. For the flourishing online scrap booking the public will necessitate the tools that are accommodating for using the expertise. Pinterest is one of the mainly well-known tools for using this skill. It is barely for the DIYers however also for the other citizens. It has extra than seventy millions of viewers and the software is awfully much supportive for the tiny businesses to continue associated with the consumers and construct some constrain sales. The business of the social media advertising stopped $225 million and appreciated the Pinterest for 3.8billion dollars deal.


Pinterest comprises a lot of stuffs concerning the women content like the guidelines, supplies for decorating residence or a number of other places but this is not the restraint of the Pinterest. There are abundant production offers also alongside this counting the retailer trade to service offering dealing. Pinterest will facilitate the diminutive business to find superior ranking in the explore engine via Search Engine Optimization who are not so much worn to in B2B processes.


Various citizens find themselves in fix while using the Pinterest. Here there are several guidelines of the experts to utilize it appropriately.


One can formulate the online page Pin responsive by building the items of the internet site pinned. This can take place by the ‘Pin it’ gadget. The widget will construct the content pinned and the comparable sign of switch will be observable in the other pages like the public networking pages to draw the spectators towards the content of the online page.


The prearranged content is exceptionally much indispensable for in search of the concentration of the audience. The content board is supposed to be especially much appropriate to the content otherwise the onlooker would be misled and the standing of the site will be damaged. Construct it trouble-free for the users to discover the content without difficulty by browsing on the slat.


image64The using of the symbols of the brands in the photographs and on the board will necessitate much exertion but the attempt will transport the consequence much supplementary than it. There should be the restrained contact of the logos in the complete item.


The onlooker will be looking for the information that makes knowledge for them.  They are there to construct a few online shopping so there ought to be buyer responsive information in the online page like the explanation of the goods, the merits and demerits, the recompense, rate in particulars etc which must not be in tricky language that the customer feels it solid to craft out.

The one must be enthusiastically online in the communities and public media sites. The standard updating of the content and the uploading of the new-fangled photographs are indispensable but the total fixation will be supplementary successful and appealing to the audience if they obtain somebody to construct their queries plain concerning the online pages and its goods. This will augment the reputation of the page.

A Guide To Choosing Excellent Social Media Platform For Your Brand

Social-Media-300x300As an owner of a business, it is highly crucial for you to choose the most effective social media platforms, at least those that offer the best opportunities for reaching out and endorsing to the potential audiences is considered to be suitable for your business. Most companies and digital marketers might not be too successful on every platform that consumes lot of resources and bandwidth. Instead of having an average or below-average representation on lots of platforms, champion in selected ones. So how do we decide on selecting the platforms that best cater to the needs? Here is a guide of most of the important platforms pertaining to your business requirements.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is extremely accomplished and skilled networking site. Even before “social media” term came into vogue and yet there was social networking, LinkedIn was in existence. It is one of the smartest ways of building corporate networks in the business world and making them productive at the most as and when necessary. It is great if you wish to reach out to people and tell them you are there when they need you. It also comprises of groups and discussion forums wherein you can place an opinion of your interest, manifest your transparency, entreat advice, ask various questions and even answer question, allowing your skills to impress other users. It is a highly apt platform for service providers rather than retailers and manufacturers because it becomes quite easy to talk about your services and the nature of your services.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a content-sharing site that allows its members to post or pin videos, photos, and other content to the pin-boards. This site is dominated by the female audiences and is ideal for brands or businesses that mostly focus on visual imagery form of marketing. It is the best platform to publish photos more often related to your brand, your offerings, and services.  You automatically can see who has commented on your posts or who has liked them and even shared them. Each pin-board is linked to the user’s profile page so that other people can see the pinner, the business, the brand behind the videos or photos.

socialmediaYouTube: YouTube is perhaps the most powerful platform that is visual-driven which fascinates a lot of audiences. It has become very famous because of the company-made videos. It is viewed by audiences worldwide and this is the reason why most of the people post their videos on YouTube in order to spread the fever. The only key to effectively use YouTube is to endorse your product/service in the most unusual and attractive manner because nobody would even care to watch a video that is boring.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most influential tools in the world because of the size of the users on it. You on your own can choose what you wish to look at and what you wish to share. This is the alone platform that provides with a broad spectrum of opportunities to businesses. It is more about building relationships and directly interacting with the audiences and followers.

Twitter: Twitter is almost like text messaging that includes ongoing conversations. It is one of the best platforms for businesses that wish to reach out to people and expect them to reply. Breaking news, receive opinions, and updates is what you do on Twitter.

Using Pinterest For Your Business By Following The Commanding Rules

images (3)New social networking sites keep coming up every day. One such site which has become quite famous is the Pinterest. On this site, online users keep pinning visual images or content to a virtual pin board. As a business owner, if you have accessed this site and wish to use it for spreading the word of your business, you first need to think and decide whether Pinterest is appropriate for your business. One fact business owners should understand that not all the social media websites are fit for all the natures of business. However, these days, almost all businesses have started using Pinterest for effective marketing thus, benefiting from it.
In order to effectively gain the massive Pinterest user base for referrals for your business, you should follow these ten commanding rules as discussed below:

1.      Plan for yourself first:
Create an account and a pin board for pinning visual content and images related to your business on Pinterest. Develop a blog to regularly pin stuff on it. Internally, try integrating share buttons on Pinterest with other social media platforms.

2.      Be legitimate:
Be compliant to the terms and conditions of Pinterest. Stick to the terms of copyright. Check and recheck the source of pinning and make sure that it is legitimate. To preserve piracy or copying your pinned content, you can also add a watermark.

3.      Use creative strategies for pinning :
Don’t just stick to one board for pinning your content but use several Boards. Your content should be so creative that it should continuously urge the users to follow, pin, re-pin, comment, and like. If you’re using Pinterest to sell your products, do not forget to create a price tag along with product description. Also add hyperlinks for more details on those products.
2-wordle4.      Go social:
Don’t just dump your page with lot of pins for the sake of pinning. Pin relevant content and do not forget to like or comment on other pins too. Also keep tagging users. Don’t forget to thank your followers.

5.      Use creative visual content that is worth pinning:
Make use of various kinds of tools to create attractive images, texts, or videos related to your business for pinning on your blog. Remember, users like creative but sober content and images.

6.      Don’t just publish but also exhibit:
Don’t just keep promoting yourself but also endorse the nature and lifestyle of your business. Become the leader of pinning so that others refer you for successful pinning. Take a look at other brands that are successful in pinning.

7.      Stick to creativity while endorsing:
Use Pinterest creatively for endorsement. Include call of action in your pinned content. Also allow users to post comments and participate in competitions.

8.      Use effective SEO strategies:
Maintain perfect optimization in your content that includes set of keywords. Create a magnetic effect on users to stay on your site by using original images.

9.      Take advantage of user friendly tools:
Make use of Pin it button the browser. Also stay connected with users all the time by downloading the Pinterest App for Mobile phones.

10.  Monitor your steps to scale down the success rate of your pins:
Keep a track on recent activity to see how many have actually followed your pins thus, giving you an idea of your success rate on Pinterest.

Tips For Using Pinterest Properly

images (3)The internet is the gate through which numerous gates of scopes are opened to the people. Among the various uses of the internet the online scrapbooking is very much popular and focused. For the successful online scrapbooking the people will need the tools that are helpful for using the technology. Pinterest is one of the most famous tools for using this technology. It is not only for the DIYers but also for the other people. It has more than seventy millions of users and the tool is very much helpful for the small businesses to stay connected with the clients and make some drive sales. The company of the social media closed $225 million and valued the Pinterest for 3.8billion dollars.

Pinterest includes a lot of stuffs regarding the women content like the tips, materials for decorating home or some other places but this is not the limitation of the Pinterest. There are numerous business offers also beside this including the retailer business to service providing business. Pinterest will help the small business to get better ranking in the search engine via SEO who are not so much used to in e-commerce.

images (4)Some people find themselves in affix while using the Pinterest. Here re some tips of the experts to use it properly.

  1. One can make the website Pin friendly by making the items of the website pinned. This can happen by the ‘Pin it’ widget. The widget will make the content pinned and the similar sign of button will be visible in the other sites like the social networking sites to attract the viewers towards the content of the website.
  2. The organized content is very much essential for seeking the attention of the viewers. The content board should be very much relevant to the content otherwise the viewer would be misled and the reputation of the site will be spoilt. Make it easy for the users to find the content easily by browsing on the board.
  3. The using of the logos of the brands in the photos and on the board will need much effort but the effort will bring the result much more than it. There should be the subtle touch of the logos in the entire thing.
  4. The viewer will be seeking the information that makes sense for them.  They are there to make some shopping so there should be shopper friendly information in the website like the description of the products, the pros and cons, the advantages, cost in details etc which should not be in difficult language that the user feels it hard to make out.
  5. The one should be actively online in the communities and social media sites. The regular updating of the content and the uploading of the new pictures are essential but the entire thing will be more effective and interesting to the viewers if they get someone to make their queries clear regarding the websites and its products. This will increase the popularity of the site.

What Should Be Done To Lend More Sales?

download (2)Website is the face of any business as this is what customers view when they want to order something. That means a website plays the most important role in generating business. Let’s get to know that what can really make a difference to your website.

Optimize the website: This is the best way where you can turn prospects into real customers.  Guide your customers and ask them to contact you if they have query. You can also facilitate them with options like chat and web enquiry form. This will definitely lead to more conversions generating huge profits.

Get your website linked to social networking websites. Now days Social Media Marketing is high on online branding and promoting your website, product and services on various networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. will boost your brand recognition.

Create a website which is mobile friendly: According to one of the latest reports, 47% of the customers shop using their mobiles and if your website is not mobile friendly, you can understand what you are losing on. Also get features like location maps, click-to call phone number and product information in your online portal.

Optimize the content and images: Get the content and images optimized and to the point. Not only will this help in SEO of the website but will also give to-the-point information to customers. Hence, it is advisable to remove the content, images, products and services which are no longer in use.

Upload interesting and informative videos: For those who are don’t want to indulge in reading the content, you can upload the videos related to your company, products and services. Moreover displaying reviews by existing customers and bestowing how-to guides in your videos will make you a reliable name amongst your customers. Don’t forget that more than 85% users prefer watching a video for not more than a minute.

images (2)Remove outdated elements from your website: If your website contains fresh content but carries an old design, it may result in a big loss to you. Hence whether it is content or design, software or color combination, everything should be modern and look elegant. Also try to do away with the too much of bright colors that avoid the reader to read the content on the website. Moreover, the right font also lends the users a magical experience. Besides one should avoid uploading distracting elements like swirling or blinking which at times is very annoying for the online users.

User-friendly website: Last but certainly not the least; your website has to be user-friendly. Each page of your website must contain smooth navigation tools. In fact, what is the importance of the website which is user-friendly? The research says that a user stays for not more than 4 seconds while the website opens and if it doesn’t the visitor is deemed to switch to some other shopping resource. Then why take a chance? Fashion your website keeping in mind the both low-band width users as well as users who have access to high-speed internet.


Questions You Should Ask Before Outlining A Social-Media Marketing Blueprint?

Before moving on to online branding of your website, it is better to frame a full-fledged Social-Media Marketing strategy so that you don’t lose on your hard-earned money. It is always better that before laying the foundation stone of online promotion, you ask yourself few questions and accordingly takes the necessary steps to yield maximum profits. Let’s quickly catch a glimpse of various factors that can be of real help.

images (14)

What do I want out of Social Media?

The first and foremost thing that you should ask yourself is that what is it that you want from online branding of your websites at various social forums. Weather it is for gaining brand identity you are looking for or you want a two-way communication with the audience or promotion of some particular products, you need to decide what is your requirement. After having done this you need to understand your customers’ expectations from you. This will help you to implement only those things that are desired by the online audience and also serve them better.

Who can handle the Social-Media Marketing for me?

Next step would be to allocate someone to handle the entire thing provided he/she should be well-acquainted with Social-Media Marketing and should have participated in various campaigns. In other cases you can also hire a consultant who can get the task done for you.

Does my company really need to have solid presence on all social media platforms?

Having your company presence on all major social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace and much more will not only make your business a recognized brand but will help your products becoming the buzz of the town. Hence, it is advisable to be present on social networks then just one or two.

Which are the best social networks to tread upon?

For all businesses, twitter and Google+ can be really advantageous as these are easy and very nominal to use.  While LinkedIn and Slideshare are very constructive in B2B company, Facebook and Pinterest are best for B2C firms.

How consistently the article, blog and other content postings should be done?

As different users login at different timings to read the various posts, it is important that you post the content atleast 4-5 times a day. Instead of posting all the content at one time, it is best you blow away your posts in a time-frame of 24 hours.

images (13)What content suits which social network?

As we all know one size doesn’t fit all and so is the Social-Media Marketing. When you are posting content on websites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, it has to be visually appealing. Various products photos, events and workshops photos can really attract the customers. On Twitter on can tweet about the company products and can also retweet other’s posts.  In a nutshell, a perfect mix of Images, Vidoes, postings, links, tips, questionnaire etc. can be simply worthwhile.

Can Social-Media be used for delivering customer-service?

Social-Media Networking is a great way to interact with the existing as well as the prospective clients. Hence, it is better to use it as a platform to answer customer’s questions, order status queries, complaints and much more.

How can I turn the followers into my customers?

There is no sure-shot moolmantra to generate sales but posting a cheap advertisement on facebook or the cross-platform contest can really make a difference. For instance you can tweet about some context going on your facebook page.

How do I know weather Social-Media Marketing is yielding profits or not?

If you are spending a lot of time, effort and money on promotion of your website at different social platforms, you also need to know, weather you are making anything out of this or not. Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offers you with page analytics where you can know how many people are talking about your posts and this way you can use the data to improve future traffic to your website. Google Analytics is one such mechanism that tells you that how solid is your presence on various social networks.

What should be avoided?

The answer to this is not having a Social-Media Marketing plan. So have one and stick to it with a flexibility to imbibe all the latest changes taking place every now and then. Use the tactics which are working and ditch those that don’t.