My Internet Marketing Earning Report : $129,972 USD In 2013

OK here i am with my outcome or total earned revenue for 2013,  to be honest from last few years i was not doing any calculations for my daily and monthly earnings, but i realized its good to see what my growth rate and how i can improved to archived even higher goals in future. before you scroll down to see more details of this post, let me cleared that i’m not here to show off my income, but what i want is to delivered interesting read and positive motivational vibes for my readers to take there own projects seriously and get best possible profits from them.

Now lets straight towards breakdown of my total income from different source of-course.

affiliate income 2013













Affiliate Marketing –  $92,390.00 $38950.00 (Spending) = $53440.00 (Profit)

Domainer Sale’s Income – $11850.00

SEO & Web Project – $28750.00

Website’s & Blogs Ads Revenue – $16230.00

Domain Parking – $18052.00

Android Apps Income – $1650.00


2013 Total Earned Income –  $129,972

A big pie of my 2013 income is from Affiliated products and of-course that’s something i spent most of my time but my other business bring me some good consistent income and i managed to get enough time for them as they hardly required small optimization and completely works on autopilot for me, but still it took me 7 years to build these consistent income and i call them real gems of my hard work. Somehow these yearly earning reports help me to remain focused and energetic towards my future projects and good analysis data always help for better optimizations.

Things I’ve Learned In 2013

  • Health & Fitness – Our body is temple and we must keep it perfect shape and clean for the soul to reside in. And to solved this i joined Gym and spending daily 2 hours in gym to be energetic and refreshing and its really helping me to be confident about my work and i produce more productivity of my work.
  • Interacting Real Life Peoples – I noticed i becoming technology slave because i hardly interact with new peoples in real life, just start my day with my campaigns stats, reports, answering pending voice mails and replying bunch of emails, Skype calls with my networking peoples. So this year I’m going one step ahead and going to launch few batches of One 2 One Coaching about Internet Marketing, Social Media And how to get pleasant start in this industry.
  • Email Marketing & Subscriber List – Yes i’m getting into this very late, but its something which already build great trust in online marketing. I’m talking about targeted email list of peoples who really interested in some products or niche and we delivered them what they looking for via email can be very profitable. And with some great services on internet this has because very easy for anyone to build community or email list of peoples to sell them related things.

That’s all for 2013. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comment.



Various Sides of Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has gained popularity in the past but starting to lose to the more convenient Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale, and Pay Per Action advertising. If you are a marketer, be sure to understand what Pay Per Click advertising is before you decide to use or leave it.ppc a

PPC – The Good Side

Pay Per Click advertising appeals to most advertisers and marketers because it basically allows your ads to be visible to thousands if not millions of internet users. By paying, your ads can appear on the best places on a web page such as on top and on the right side, where most users look first. Just note that your bid is a big factor in determining where your ad will be placed. PPC also allows you to choose the group of internet users to whom you want to show your ads. You can choose to show your ads only to young adults or elderly, single or married, females or males, etc.

With PPC, you simply have to win the bidding to put your ad on the best place where it will be visible to millions of people. However, you will not be paying for displaying your ad. You will be charged only whenever the user clicks your ad.

PPC – The Bad Side

The biggest drawback in Pay Per Click advertising is that it is not simple. It is complicated unlike what publishers would like you to believe. First, you have to build your AdWords quality score if you would like to do PPC advertising with Google. Second, you have to use the right keywords. Otherwise, you will be burning a lot of cash.

 Pay Per Click Advertising 4b

Another downside of PPC advertising is that you might need to pay a lot of money. Don’t forget that you have to pay for every click on your ad. It does not matter what the clicker does when he or she reaches your landing page. You have to pay the publisher even if the person who clicks doesn’t buy your product. There is always money coming out but money coming in is not guaranteed. This is a great deal for publishers but not for advertisers or businessmen.

How to Be a PPC Publisher

If you want to be a publisher, you will need a website that gets a lot of traffic. You should get hundreds of thousands of visits each day to be considered as a good publisher. Once you are an established website owner, be sure to offer good deals to people who want to advertise. Offer them good spots on your home page and inner pages as well as reasonable rates. If you could, offer lower rates than what other publishers offer.

How to Be Successful with PPC – For Advertisers

While Pay Per Click advertising has a downside, it can still be a good choice for advertisers. Just make sure that you have a high quality score in Google AdWords and that you choose the right keywords. Choose the ones that are related to what you offer. In addition, have the best landing page. Choose one that will entice visitors to buy. Make sure that they will see what they could have expected based on the ad that they clicked.