SEO For Internet Of Things Is The New Talk

SEO For Internet Of Things Is The New Talk

Pull up your socks all marketers and get ready for the new online marketing revolution knocking in the form of all new smart home technology, or what’s all referred as wider and greater concept is “the Internet of Things”.

download (19)Smart home tech has been around since 1960’s. It was regarded as luxury of rich and big people , wealthy owners but now things have bought changed with time and now all electronic devices from thermostats to gate locks are all wi-fi access.


“Internet of Things” is a new term for an old concept naming “Smart Home”. With revolution knocking our doors say welcome to an entirely new world of interconnected smart devices which will make our lives more easier, more connected and more efficient.

If Google gets to know what its customers want, paid advertisements then wont be showcased on company’s smart devices. People either perform Google searches or they go for free services that are paid for by advertisements. And it is here that all smart devices in the internet interests the SEO marketers.

download (18)SEO professionals looks for optimizing smart things ot whole of Internet things.Either way they opt for a new range of devices is expected to be connected to the online world and for sure Google is going to be there.

Search isn’t best for if you are looking for a smart device , a windows phone but if you are looking for a recipe when you are in kitchen preparing delicacies then you may just opt for a convenient web browser. This changes the dynamics of SEO. Once people get equipped with smart devices then mobile phones and desktop will no longer be into existence and realms of SEO marketers will be worried about as residential will take over.

Here are few predictions for Residential Search Engine Optimization –

  • Local search will become more prominent and important.
  • Local search will be classified into two arenas – Mobile and residential
  • As residential marketing blow ups psychopathic data will grow more and more in value.
  • E commerce SEO’s will consistently continue to focus on desktop and mobile search.

images (39)This is for sure that only time will tell how the internet will really bring a change in SEO. The most important thing that should be considered by marketers as of now is “the smart devices taking over the world”. For next few years you may not witness the explosion of residential SEO’s but one can definitely be prepared for the inevitable and start with preparing a strategy based on mobile content.

So here’s the call for marketers to start thinking for residential SEO’s . Residential SEO’s will be little or more similar to mobile so there is no better time then now to start focusing on mobile SEO’s.

Direct Traffic To Your Website With Blogging Alternatives

Direct Traffic To Your Website With Blogging Alternatives

download (10)To get traffic to your site you need some awesome content that keeps the visitors engaged. A value content can only be created if you are a strong copywriter. But if you are not then implementing a strong and effective content strategy can help you achieve desired high ranking in Google’s search.

While most opt for outsourcing it and hiring a professional copywriter there are some who doesn’t treat it as a feasible solution , especially who are in the phase of start up operations.

Here are listed few alternatives for those who look forward to create a high quality and media rich SEO friendly content –

1. Opt to design an info graphic – Well created and produced info graphic have comparatively a higher probability of getting the media attention than Text contents as people do enjoy sharing what is portrayed as in visual format. Info graphics are not cheap and one may have to hire a professional graphic designer but there are some online tools available online which can help you with templates like Piktochart where one can design an info graphic at a very nominal cost.

images (30)2. YouTube – The second most popular search engine following Google is YouTube. Owned by Google YouTube gives priority to all the videos which fall within search results. YouTube video is easy to shoot in-house using an iPhone and uploaded to net to be available on social media sites. Just like info graphics YouTube video should also be compelling to the visitors.


3. Slideshow – Images have more effect on visitors mind and leaves long lasting impression then text content. Images are popular as they get indexed by the local search engines and slideshows and also they don’t require much content, just a title and brief descriptions will suffice your each slide image.
download (9)4.  Reviews – Ask your users to write reviews for you than posting content yourself. Content generated by users is a fantastic tool and comes only by an ask. It also helps users to related with each other socially as they find the user of the product reviewing the product so they find it more trustworthy hence generating sales. Publishing testimonials on your webpage or ask for the product or service reviews if you run a eCommerce website.