Will Bing Ever Outdo Google In Search?

images (8)Well, before you think it is impossible, let’s have a look at the below listed points.

Where is search heading to in future?

If Bing were to head the search engine field over Google, the search scenario would be completely different than what it is today. And it’s quite clear that users would be getting to search in a unique way.

At one of the Keynote Address by Matt Cutt, we all got to know about Google moonshot alterations, which he divided into the following mentioned points:

  • Knowledge Graph
  • Voice Search
  • Interactive Search
  • Google Now
  • Deep-rooted learning

Google relies on deep-rooted learning and knowledge what users desire so searchers need not utilize easy keyword phrases to search Google. As opposed Bing has associations with each major social website and receives information directly from those resources. So instead of trying to comprehend what users want and predicting it, Bing genuinely knows what users want dependent on actual information from social websites.

Mobile is the future

Believe it or not but as we are switching to mobile devices to gain access to web, Cutts particularly told that a focus on mobile images (9)website usability is unquestionable. YouTube traffic on mobile has risen from 6% to 40% this year over the past two years. Some nations attract more traffic than they do by desktop traffic.

Microsoft is certainly serious about mobile and mobile creativity. They lately bought Nokia for $7.2 billion and sales of the Nokia lumia phone made another record in the third quarter of last year and what is more interesting is that world continues to purchase Nokia phones.

As we access the internet more utilizing mobile devices, search will become more essential than ever. That’s where we possibly could see a change from Google’s conventional search to Bing’s search. If Bing continues to search correctly and utilizes real social media sites information to impact search results, the search results will continually to emerge as more personalized.

How users respond to results is the key

We are at a time where search engine Google is taking a big risk in providing search results. Cutts told in his keynote that they are making moonshot alterations; they are shooting for the moon and anticipating that they bump in a home run with their search engines.

Google alterations are heavy. Minimizing the keyword referral information from website owners was one major step and based on the knowledge graph more to generate more search results is another big step. Data is being presented to users directly in the Google search engines and users need not click through website to gain information.

According to most of the people, it is kind of make it or break it type of move by Google, Google users will either consistently to like their search or they will end up utilizing search less and less to find what they are searching for. Bing users may be more likely to actually like their search results as the outcomes are biased their own social media actions and friend’s activities online.

Top 7 Strategies For Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is a technique with the help of which the viewing of a particular website is effected whereby the same is found in the top few results of various search engines. Let us consider the case of Google which is till date the most popular search engine on the internet. The top few results which are highlighted on the same search engine are called paid advertisements. All the results appearing on the side panel are also paid adverts. These websites are not incorporating the techniques of search engine optimization and are not organic search results. The rest of the page will be devoted to uncovering the secrets behind a particular website appearing in Google search results before all of its competitors. What are the tricks that these websites use to be in the first few results of search engines. Seven strategies will be outlined as under.

Job Employee Man Candidate Search


A clean title

A clean title always affects a website is a positive manner and attracts viewers to click on the same before others. A nice and clean title explaining what the website is all about drives away that element of confusion which might arise in the minds of viewers. The title should not be too long or too obscure and intangible to understand. The title in a way describes in a nutshell what the company and its website is all about. Flashy titles often drive away internet users and so one must be very careful in choosing the title.

Say it with pictures

A tiny thumbnail picture of the founder or the manager of the company just below the title is another SEO technique which all SEO training companies recommend. Pictures in an indirect manner establish an informal connection with the viewer and they are more likely to check out your website for the same.

Use relevant keywords

The use of relevant keywords also helps websites to appear within the first few results on search engines. The typical keywords which users use to find out about a certain subject should be understood minutely by the website designers ad the same words should be included in the body of their websites. Market survey helps designers realize what exactly people search for on search engines.


You do it

The best person to design your website and incorporate the SEO techniques in the same, is you. You do not need to know minute details of programming languages or web designing. All you need is solid information about your company or web page.

Know the basics

It is mandatory that you know about the Basics Of SEO and start building the structure of your website from there.

Overuse of phrases

There is a tendency among SEO trainers to overuse certain keywords or phrases for maximum viewing. This might backfire and be a counter productive technique with detrimental results for your web page.

Keep it simple

Viewers like to go through web pages that are straightforward in their approach and the body is simply expressed. Do not complicate things as the results will be quite different from what you wanted them to be.