How Sitemap Can Improved your search engines ranking and increase traffic on your website ?

Yes friends… Sitemap play an important role in improving your search engines ranking but even increase search traffic too, its because sitemap is an INDEX or Table of contents, which actually tell us whats we have on website to read. Sitemap can help your visitors to find whats they are looking.

Sitemap make search engines easier to crawl our blog. Sitemap guide the web surfer to the specific part of our blog. If someone looking for a specific keyword or phrase and your blog have a sitemap, I think your blog will likely be searched.

Sitemap is crucial to our blog. Let’s say that people search the web for something. If your blog has what that particular person is searching for, and your sitemap reports it, then you have a new customer looking at your items. Not just that, they will catch sight of some other things up for sale that they might be interested in as well.
If your blog still don’t have a sitemap yet, please create your sitemap, at least create sitemap for the big three of search engines. Please see my other post about sitemap:

Create Sitemap For Bing
Create Sitemap For Yahoo!
Create Sitemap For Google

Or you can use a software or free service on the net to generate your sitemap. This sitemap generator is very useful tool for us.
A map of a website is comparable to the table of contents of a book. Sitemaps are of great consequence because it guides web surfers to the specific part of the website they have a point of significance in. With it they would save time following links and get precisely to the point instead.
Sitemaps are also where search engines look, if someone is looking for a specific keyword or phrase. If you have a site map, you can most likely be searched. OK guys, if you want search engines to send visitors to your blog, I suggest you to create your sitemap or generate one