Twitter-One Of The Most Interesting Social Networking Sites

images (11)Twitter is one of the most interesting social networking sites but reports have been saying that Twitter has been trying hard to maintain active users online. The social media platforms have however added a whooping 14 million active which is about 6% up from the previous quarter but it is not as per the anticipations of some marketing analysts who were expecting a big increase in the percentage.

Currently Twitter is one such social media networking site that has 255 million active users and Facebook is another site which has over 1 billion active users in the world today. Here an active user means someone who logs in an account once a month and not necessarily tweeting on daily basis. So what must be done if you are one of the many that registers with a Twitter and abandoned it? Just give up that idea and give it a try once again.

Be patient: Unless you are a big brand, you need to be patient for the results. Always remember that your first won’t even get recognition as no one knows that you are there and who you are. So begin be favoriting, retweeting and answering to the content that appeal to you.

Follow a number of accounts: Search for more accounts that are meaningful to your interests but always be choosy. You may come across accounts that have over 100,000 followers but they would also be following other 80,000. So how you would see anything meaningful and relevant happening around you? But at the same time, never feel bad for unfollowing a person.

images (12)Be diligent: Always remember to spend even 5 to 10 minutes a day reading, favoriting and answering to tweets. Never be disheartened if your replies ad tweets do not get unnoticed. The more you tweet, the quicker you will learn that what works on Twitter and what does not. After that you would be an expert in Twitter and post content likewise.

Put across something: Never skip days between your tweets. Be it a discount code, information on sales or something entertaining be active. Having said that, never tweet for the same of tweeting. Always put some across something and remember that you must have something to say. Then only it is worth tweeting.

Looking for latest in technology? Or perhaps some motivation to get jump-started? What best way to easy life that putting across your words of wisdom in just 140 characters?

If you are new to Twitter or just searching to freshen your feed up a bit, you can follow the given ten people that you should be following.

Given below are the people entrepreneurs must follow

  • Twitter
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Seth Godin
  • Tony Hseih
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Tim Ferris
  • Goals
  • Jane Mcgonigal
  • Ali Brown





Tumblr And Its Advantages To Folks

download (3)At times social media can be headache for businesses to navigate. With hundreds of social media networking sites to consider, each one offers it unique flavor and aim, it is simple for brands to be not looking forward to give something innovative and new a try. But innovative content is what social media platforms work on. In this article I would like to throw some light on a social media site which people conveniently forget: Tumblr.

Tumblr is a visually appealing content-stuffed blogging platform that enables folks to “Follow the World’s Creators” Its users are very innovative, fresh and quick adopters of products.  For businesses Tumblr carries its own advantages that are not available on any such social media networking platform. Given below are some highlights:

Freedom of content: Tumblr lends complete freedom to publish any kind of  content be it videos, pictures, text…you name it and you can do it. It is said that visual content like images and videos on Facebook gets roughly 30% more involvement status updates or links hence a page dependent on appealing visuals would be an involvement place for audience. Conversing with customer audience beyond various product updates is a necessary step in the development of brand. It can result in the building of a good connection with customers, creating powerful brand loyalty and brand preference.

images (7)Cool Factor: This is not other method to state it-Tumblr is cool. What makes it stand apart from the crowd is the fact that it prefers more of visual content. Besides it is famous with the young generation something with which often social media networking sites struggle. Reports say that 63% of Tumblr’s audience falls between the age of 15-34. Businesses that support a Tumblr page hold a strong competitive edge in reaching these wanted consumers in one place.

Niche markets: Another advantage of for businesses utilizing Tumblr is that there is no need for you to a industry champion to own an impressive company webpage. One of the remarkable advantages of Tumblr is the wider presence of niche markets. For instance there is a special subculture on Tumblr known as Fitspo which is focused in fitness and dieting, Folks who are a component if this subculture will be looking for pages with same posts. When businesses recognize their aimed audience, Tumblr is the best marketing tool in building a natural way of reaching them.

Highly Shareable content: Simply being able to build content for this social media networking platform is not sufficient for businesses to ensure enhanced traffic. One of the best features of Tumble is that the users get the elasticity to share the content across all other social media networking platforms. This characteristic is very advantageous in generating inbound traffic as well to company site.



Safe And Secure Use Of Social Media Platforms Is A Good Choice

images (6)It’s no secret that social media today has emerged as a big business. Companies believe that social media marketing is much cheaper option for marketing their products and services rather than traditional advertising as through the former they can reach to big audiences. But what about companies who are regulated industries when it comes to Social Media Marketing? Industries that deal in pharmaceuticals, health care, banking and finance, insurance, alcohol and tobacco or other such government regulated sectors are restricted to follow rules and regulations. But this does not suggest that these industries should avoid social media marketing sites. Social media is a great platform for sharing and holding discussions on useful information. When done is legal and effective way, social media can help any entity falling under regulated fields. Given below are some ways.

Sharing Industry Information: Firms and companies which are regulated by state or federal governments can also use social media platforms to declare useful information and announcements with potential or existing customers. Healthcare can share the dangers involved in a particular health disorder and how to solve that. Another great way is to share knowledge to direct Facebook and Twitter users to your landing page where they can gain more information, sign up for a newsletter or even hold talks with employees.

Enabling customers to share information: Social media is a great via which folks who are strangers to one another can exchange information. Parents of children with some serious health disorder can share their issues, offer advice or suggestions and even learn more about the disease. In the same way, financial firms and banks can also share factual information on social media platform as an alternative to what is provided on overtly partisan websites.

Listening to Social Media: With the increasing number of online conversations taking place, social media sites have emerged download (3)as great resources for knowing what is being talked about a particular brand, industry, service and even their competitors. If any of the customers had a terrible experience, with a banking institution or financial firm, that company will pay attention to what their customers have to stay about them and can correct them in future.

Few companies select to archive social media conversations which can be used for legal procedures. This way companies can hold back a historic perspective about specific topics discussed via social media platforms. This will enable them to supervise and analyze which marketing campaigns worked, how people took their brand or when and why people discussed their brand on social media platforms. These insights can prove to be fruitful in providing in-depth and distinctive information than what’s declared in surveys or focus groups.

Building trust: With the comfort and fame of social media platforms, some consumers tap them to broadcast an unexplored concern. When any financial company investigates social media, they list a real staffer to send private messages rather than sending automated or scripted answers which indirectly helps in building trust.

Is Affiliate Marketing The Right Move For Your Business? Think And Then Act

images (1)Affiliate Marketing can be converted into a business that draws you a six-figure income. This is something that encourages folks to get involved into the business of affiliate marketing in the first place. But not all can become an affiliate marketer. Few people will find this profession boring and also unsatisfying if they do not get involved in it for good reasons.

You must be enthusiastic about your business niche

If you are passionate about your work, then you work becomes a fun and exciting venture for you. As an affiliate marketer you are required to advertise your products and services that you thing will be beneficial to other folks and if you are promoting products and services you have a liking for, you enjoy a lot doing this. Additionally you will stay boosted to wake up every day and put effort into your business thankfully to your liking and enthusiasm. For instance if you are excited about dog health care, then affiliate marketing will enable you to talk about dog health care, advertise products and services to help dog owners and will lend you a sense of contentment at the end of the day.

Money is not everything

Obviously you will be thinking about money when you develop your business, but online business owners who only think of money can never become successful affiliate marketers. They make poor choices which damage their reputation and trust among folks they are advertising their products and services to and in the end they lose out a lot then earning money out of it.

If you step into affiliate marketing with a mindset that you want to help folks and that money earned would serve as a by-product, then you are expected to make a lot more profit in the long run. You will choose options that make you business up, help you earn their trust and therefore help you make a good amount of sales that earn you lots of money.

images (2)Devote time to your business

Many folks will share that you can make big profits by spending a few hours in a week writing emails, working on social media platforms and therefore getting affiliate links from there. But the reality is that you need to get your work fully automated and then only you need to spend few hours a week on your work and earn loads of money.

The best thing about an affiliate marketer is that it is good source of passive income. This suggests that a mention of a product or service with your affiliate link can draw you money for years to come but you need to get this link recognized by folks and then make sure that is remains exposed to them. In a nutshell you need to put some serious work to make a solid business foundation before you are likely to go on a vacation and make money while not doing anything.


What Are The Key Components Of Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

images (2)Be it any business strategy, each needs a planning and social media marketing is no different. So in order to impressively use social media as a powerful marketing tool for your business you must plan in advance. Just as you need a business plan and a marketing plan the same way you must build a social media marketing plan. Given below are some components of the plan which you need to pay attention to.


First step would be to figure out your aim for making use of various social media channels. Social networking sites can be used for building your brand presence online, sell a product or service or use them for interacting with customers. Whatever be you aim, your content should go with your objectives. Your main reason for doing a business is to address a requirement or solve an issue held by audience which is often called as target audience.

Which media platforms to use

When it comes to social media marketing, a number of options are there to choose from. However it is important to note that which social networking sites are apt for your business type and your target audience. Perhaps outweighing social media platforms to use is a major concern for small businesses. The best method to hook on social media platforms for your company is to make out where your prospective audience and ideal clients hang out. The simplest way to know this is to do a survey in which you can directly ask top 3 social media sites they follow. This is in fact very easier as compared to trying different platforms for their efficiency.

downloadEngaging content

You must have heard that content is the king. This holds same for social media marketing as well. Your content must be such that it educates, inspires reactions and responses as well. It is however essential to offer information and knowledge to customers in a creative and unique way as irrespective of what industry you are in, folks are sharing information on same subject you would be making posts on. Hence you must think of ways to sound out different from others and make your content utterly impressive.

Customer service

Customer service is something that can make or break a company’s name. Your customers must have a feeling that you value your business as well as customers so that they continue to purchase your products and services. Same is the case with social media, your social media audience and fans must feel that you respond to their needs, questions and queries. A social media blueprint must embrace that how you will manage customer concerns and customer complaints via online medium. You must also keep a dedicated person for handling on-line communications.

Measuring results

Success must be determined and analyzed in order to grow. Your plan must make mention of metrics to gauge effectiveness and how it is concerned with your online targets and objectives.

What Is The Significance Of Social Media Marketing?

images (3)Marketing is significant to all businesses and normally is considered as the most essential factor of all business strategies. While big companies spend a considerable amount on marketing of their product and services, small companies rely make use of innovative and cost efficient methods. In this fiercely competitive world of today, Social Media Marketing is something that is new and will surely stay here for years to come. In a nutshell, using social media platforms such as blogs, online communities, forums, video sharing sites and more can be really beneficial in the marketing of your product and services.

Social media marketing sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and more witness millions of users on daily basis and therefore recognized a well-known method of marketing your product and services. Therefore promoting your business by making use of these sites is really an appealing business proposition as they provide heavy traffics every day. Needless to mention but social networking is popular behavior and therefore Social Media Marketing becomes very essential for your business because of a great number of folks who visit these sites regularly.

Reasons as to why Social Media Marketing is so important for your business are many. First and foremost is a cheap investment when placed against other options accessible and offer free links to your website.

download (1)Social media is free of cost to use but when it comes to marketing the same product through regular methods it would cost you a fortune. Since these social media sites create a remarkable traffic, they pull that traffic to your sites too. Moreover it also acts as word-of-mouth publicity which people trust easily as opposed to commercial advertising.

To create a lasting impact on the audiences and build a powerful business any business owner must be adept in social media marketing methods. A number of aspects have to be kept in mind while promoting you product and services so that you get great profits and realistic real time sales. Perhaps marketing through social media platforms is great way which will surely turn your website into a profitable one.

To make the most of social media marketing, you must follow the following steps. First thing is that you must always portray a clear account of the company’s products and services and business type rather than blabbering about impossible things as the visitors will be discouraged to visit your website. That is why portraying the real picture pulls traffic, slowly in the beginning but over the time it becomes steady. Secondly if there is a provision to post links, it is better to post as many as you can.

Any business fetches profit only when the end product or service offered by the company is good as promoted. Besides it also produces what we know as customer satisfaction. One thing to notice is that there is no readymade formula to gain success from marketing as this is only a way of delivering more visibility to the business. And the end sales are totally dependent on the quality of the product delivered to the customer. Hence if used properly, Social Media Marketing is a great tool and proves to be very beneficial and promising one.