Which Ones Are The Top Social Media Platforms To Watch In The Year 2014?

Obviously Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine will stay as the champions of the social media landscape but chances are that the new and unexplored social media channels can also lure many of us in.

A real signal of the potential and commitment of these fresh social channels comes in the form of engagement and financial banking of A-list celebrities, billionaires and strong social media players. Whether it is Leonardo DiCpario or Justin Bieber or the co-founder of Twitter, it seems the affluent and popular are curious to get their hands in the lots of social media pies and correctly so. In the year 2013 it was reported that the value of Facebook’s market had reached over $100 bn while the social media giant too bought Instagram for what was taken by many as the low cost of $1bn.

To aid you ride the social media trend wave with thrilling adventure in 2014, here are the top 5 social media websites:


Powered by Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Willians, Lance Armstrong and Tobey Maguire, this opponent of Instagram definitely is an appealing choice. However this is not such a uniqueness in the world of the start- up social network as we will explore in near future.

Quite identical to Instagram, Mobli functions as a visual search engine and enables users to follow friends and find hashtags. However Mobli normally has more properties than its forefather and flaunted video-sharing abilities long before they are accessible on Instagram and Vine.


This creative fresh blogging platform hails from the A-list of the social media landscape. The co-founder of Twitter as well as Blogger, Evan Williams brings you a blogging platform that will lend you with the best posts of the website. (via an algorithm and an editorial pool of members)

Despite being closed sign-up network restricted to content from the sharp minds in technology, design and culture initially, Medium has now made it possible for any user to write on the website. This platform provides a rapid and clean approach with its easy format, making it outstandingly simple for even the most tech-phobic writers to air their unique content.

download (7)Impossible:

Supermodel and actress turned entrepreneur, Lily cole built her own social network by the name of Impossible at the end of year 2013. Backed by Wikipedia and other sharp minds of Google, this website has a great potential to cover the distance and perhaps bring about a change in the world-to a certain degree obviously.

Shots of Me

Yeah the inevitable has taken place. Justin Bieber has invested a good amount in social networking site that supports one function i.e. to share selfies. This app is only compatible with a phone’s front facing camera and must hopefully attract majorly the teenagers. The images are required to be instant quite similar to Snapchat.

download (6)We Heart It

It has been recently reported by Mashable that We Heart It can be the next big social network while TechCrunch also described the social platform as a trend-setting app for youth. And with whopping 25 million users, three billion page views every month and over 60 million fresh pictures a month, it is very simple to see why.