Twitter-One Of The Most Interesting Social Networking Sites

images (11)Twitter is one of the most interesting social networking sites but reports have been saying that Twitter has been trying hard to maintain active users online. The social media platforms have however added a whooping 14 million active which is about 6% up from the previous quarter but it is not as per the anticipations of some marketing analysts who were expecting a big increase in the percentage.

Currently Twitter is one such social media networking site that has 255 million active users and Facebook is another site which has over 1 billion active users in the world today. Here an active user means someone who logs in an account once a month and not necessarily tweeting on daily basis. So what must be done if you are one of the many that registers with a Twitter and abandoned it? Just give up that idea and give it a try once again.

Be patient: Unless you are a big brand, you need to be patient for the results. Always remember that your first won’t even get recognition as no one knows that you are there and who you are. So begin be favoriting, retweeting and answering to the content that appeal to you.

Follow a number of accounts: Search for more accounts that are meaningful to your interests but always be choosy. You may come across accounts that have over 100,000 followers but they would also be following other 80,000. So how you would see anything meaningful and relevant happening around you? But at the same time, never feel bad for unfollowing a person.

images (12)Be diligent: Always remember to spend even 5 to 10 minutes a day reading, favoriting and answering to tweets. Never be disheartened if your replies ad tweets do not get unnoticed. The more you tweet, the quicker you will learn that what works on Twitter and what does not. After that you would be an expert in Twitter and post content likewise.

Put across something: Never skip days between your tweets. Be it a discount code, information on sales or something entertaining be active. Having said that, never tweet for the same of tweeting. Always put some across something and remember that you must have something to say. Then only it is worth tweeting.

Looking for latest in technology? Or perhaps some motivation to get jump-started? What best way to easy life that putting across your words of wisdom in just 140 characters?

If you are new to Twitter or just searching to freshen your feed up a bit, you can follow the given ten people that you should be following.

Given below are the people entrepreneurs must follow

  • Twitter
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Seth Godin
  • Tony Hseih
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Tim Ferris
  • Goals
  • Jane Mcgonigal
  • Ali Brown





Love It Or Hate It, Facebook Is One Of The Best Social Networking Sites

images (13)While some Facebook users and firmed vowed to give up Facebook, those generally doing so are in the minority. You must try but there is no escaping the giant.

Judging by Facebook first-quarter outcomes, released recently, utilization and revenue continue to hike. Given below are the highlights:

Facebook users are more active than ever

  • Almost 1.28 billion folks utilize Facebook on a monthly basis, up 15% from last year.
  • 802 million folks utilize Facebook each day, an increase of 21% year over year.

Mobile is in the trend

  • 609 million users on average visit Facebook on their mobile devices each day which is an increase of 4 percent over the time.
  • 59 percent of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile

images (14)Revenue is up

  • Complete revenue for the first quarter if up by 72% from the 2013 first quarter ($2.5 billion vs. $1.5 billion). Gain rose to $642 million from $219 million last year.
  • With most being produced from the mobile, advertising revenue was $2.27 billion which is up 82 percent from the same quarter last year.

Instagram will remain advertisement free for now

During the earnings call, Sherly Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer told that in terms of Instagram, the firm is very dedicated on consumer growth and it moves steadily and deliberately on monetization. So there is no requirement or the urge to ramp as soon as they can possibly could.

Facebook is one such social media networking site that is following the way of Friendster or MySpace much to Mark Zuckenberg’s surprise. The founder of Facebook told he has actually predicted for a long time that eventually that will level out and it was anticipated that would decrease, but actually it continues to enhance much to their surprise and job.



Using Twitter For Business Promotion

download (1)Twitter is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world and that is why each marketing professional you meet will advise you that Twitter requires to be a component of your business’s online marketing strategy and planning. If you have in advance begun utilizing Twitter for business promotion or it’s something you are considering, you may desire to go through the following tips:

Utilize Twitter for business promotion and brand development

Twitter is a great, distinctive social media site for personal use by business. Twitter is an interactive tool where folks share thoughts, articles and messages. This site allows you follow people that may interest you and let others also follow you to get your Tweets.

Your Tweets can include anything from images to videos from YouTube and myriad links that you look forward to share. One point to notice here is that because you only have a space of 140 characters to get your message across.

Flaunt your brand in an impressive way

The first thing you desire to do is attempt to get your business or brand name on Twitter where you register. The closer you get the better it would be. As you all know Taylor Clark is a common name, so I was compelled to select @taylorclarco rather, which goes well as I use a .CO domain name. Majority of the times you should not have any problems receiving a name, but if you are not sure you should pick something that seems relevant.

images (7)Create your Profile page a professional and interesting

Boring profiles are very monotonous and same is the case with Twitter too. You want to flaunt hpw great your brand is with great branding and messages on your profile page. Select a great profile picture, most likely your professionally fabricated logo or a big close up face shot. Never use a picture that confuses the people and wondering who you are. Always remember the key to success is the brand recognition. This is as simple as how am I going to involve you if I can’t recognize you.

If you don’t own a graphic designer for you, I would suggest checking out a gig on Fiverr to receive a great looking profile header picture and a custom Twitter background. Make 100% out of your Twitter background picture and also do not forget to include a brand message, URLs to your other online presence and a contact number to get in touch with.

Set a Business Goal and describe your purpose

Once you have made a great looking profile, you now require figuring exactly what aim that you like to serve on Twitter. If you’re entire goal from the beginning was to push advertisements and special products and grab a few sales, I would recommend trying something else too or buying some advertisement on Facebook. When describing your purpose and setting business goals for utilizing Twitter for business, it is essential to think what type of value you can offer to prospective followers.

Create Your Solid Online Reputation

Create Your Solid Online Reputation

images (37)Networking is no longer a free game of handshakes and highballs. Online footprints are equivalent to your real life presence in online world. Just like there are certain tactless act to evade in-person networking one can end up botching online networking if one isn’t careful. You should expect all your potential business associates to look for you online which will give them access to all your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest , all blog posts containing content written about you, and videos on YouTube with words spoken about your business. And if they find what is not in your favor then the impression may not give you a chance to connect with them.

So what here recommended is to create a brand for yourself to push all such kind of negatives in the backyard and bring all positive results to the up by using search engine tools. Online reputation affects a business in a big way and what if it gets truly stained? It is always worth hiring a professional for reputation management to clean up these negatives or push them to bottom. It takes time and involves cost but is worth it.

Ways to Doom Your online reputation-

download (17)
Structure your Work Hours,Days, Weeks – Make best use of time by structuring your work week. Don’t spend time on your desk when you have social media for engagement in better way, both personally and professionally. There are many competing systems developed by various gurus to maximize efficiency. Start with a planning session on how to built a strong online reputation and layer it with maximization with all virtual assistant available online. End up spending productive ten minutes in creating your online presence with reflected results before you know it.

Online dressing is equally important as when dressing up for business – Come out of the comfort zone and dress like you mean business. Just like you dress up for living while going in conference it is as important to create your online presence in a such a magnificent way that visitors get to know “You are professional in your work”. A potential client or a genuine visitor may wish to connect with you if you look professional online. Getting dressed even in online world puts in mindset professional and personal success. It encourages you to be motivated and be more productive. If you are lenient with your online reputation then it is less likely that visitors will like to interact with you and remember interaction is best marketing in social media.

images (36)Do away with Person meeting when online has so much to offer – All in-person meetings tends to tie you up for long hours. Create your online reputation in such a way that throws an impression “Your time is precious”. What can be done in hours should be stretched in lengthy meeting should be your motto while creating your online presence. Your objectives can be met via all social media accounts like con-calls, Skype, Google accounts, emailing, or one-on-one quick discussions on audio calls. The best way to run a business meeting is online meeting.

Draft a narrative for your message – Those who feel trouble in public speaking can let people know of your mindset by creating a strong online presence. Be an excellent speaker in public as social media has maximum audience reach. No matter who you nervous you are while writing no one is looking at you. So writing a strong point about yourself on social media isn’t a rocket science. A strong media presence will boosts up your image and tenacity to face public in real life too. Praises does wonder to entrepreneurs just by motivating them and this motivation comes when people support you in some or the other media.

How Can You Make Great Profits By Using Social Media Marketing Properly?

images (6)Social media marketing is very beneficial for marketing your products and services in which you deal in. If done in a proper way you will make good profit. Given below are some best methods that you can use as a platform for social media marketing of your business.

What you can do is arrange a competition on Facebook and gain some exposure through that medium as well. You can select a winner randomly among your known people and post a questionnaire or you can also hold a photo contest on your products and services. Ensure that you do sufficient stuff to promote your contest on your own website and newsletter. The ultimate target is to get more and more people who join your contest on Facebook.

The speed of social media marketing campaigns is at times very disappointing and it may take a long time to yield results. Remember nothing happens overnight and at times it becomes challenging to measure the results. It is not as you place the advertisement on TV where you get immediate results. The only sure shot way to succeed in social media marketing is the slow and steady pace.

Before setting out for social media marketing, decide the kind of audience you want to target. Knowing your audience will help you to ensure that your message is reaching to the right group of people. Always consider all can use your product or services and buy them by reading the specifications available while you advertise on a social media platform.

Secondly you can also purchase guides in order to lead you in the correct direction. A guide makes mention of all the leading social media platforms and how can they be used. Perhaps from basics of setting up of a page to complex business strategies to drive heavy traffics can be found in these guides.

images (7)Another step would be to adding relevant tags to your YouTube videos as they are more expected to come up in searches when users try to find you. Besides you can make use of different keywords tool to know which ones are famous keywords among your aimed audience. Never forget that your audience tends to share the relevant information they find on a particular site.

Always ensure that you make your business profiles public. Both social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook contain privacy settings which you can easily customize as per your wish. Always remember that your sole aim behind creating these profiles is to promote your products and services so that more and more people can view them. In case you have any issues, you can block these users as well.

Listen to your customers on social media marketing sites and make necessary changes. Mostly all businesses are bad at this but if you carefully listen to their queries and problems, you can make the changes accordingly and serve them better. It is best if you ask them for suggestions and understand their concerns to enhance your business.

Understanding The Concept Of Social Marketing

images (4)Social marketing is all about promoting your products and services through the platform of social media. As we all are aware that social media has become one of the important marketing tools and has emerged as the forefront of Internet. Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites witness billions of people each day where they spend a considerable time on these web-based applications. And it is not specific region or country but globally.

This throws open endless opportunities for an Internet marketer where he can easily market his products, services and concept without any problem. But the major issue that these Internet marketers have is the lack of awareness of how to use these social media platforms.

When sometimes they try to market their product and services, certain rules and regulations come their way and hence there sites are blocked from doing that. It is because marketers do not go through the rules properly or do not pay attention to their importance. In the past not many options except paid marketing were available to the marketers on social media networking sites. This was rather a costly affair especially for a beginner.

But their continuous demand to be able to use social networking sites to market their products has enforced the web giants to make some interesting changes which finally has given them opportunity to spread the word about their products and services.

Although Facebook seems to be losing charm it is still an attraction for some users and needless to mention but a very powerful marketing medium. Here we can create pages related to our businesses or niches. Besides one can build a strong header image and a profile image and put those on his business page.

images (5)Google+ is yet another social site that is gaining more and more popularity and is giving a firce competition to Facebook. Similar to Facebook, here also you can create pages with strong header and profile images. Moreover you can set as many as far as they are unique.

When it comes to promoting business, LinkedIn is a great site Not only this site enables you to share your business profiles but also let you connect with businesses of the same nature or people who are working on the same domain. This is one of the best marketing tools and you must consider it if you are not using it currently.

Whatever be your product or service of marketing, you need to make sure that it is not spam. Remember spam is not all about emails and is also witnessed in social media networking sites as well which includes blogs, writing directories, online forums and others. What results in spam is bulk sending unwanted emails to folks. Besides, when you put advertisements in blog comments, posts and forums, it is also taken as a spam by myriad search engines. Hence if you want a clean business you would never want to spam.

What Are The Key Components Of Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

images (2)Be it any business strategy, each needs a planning and social media marketing is no different. So in order to impressively use social media as a powerful marketing tool for your business you must plan in advance. Just as you need a business plan and a marketing plan the same way you must build a social media marketing plan. Given below are some components of the plan which you need to pay attention to.


First step would be to figure out your aim for making use of various social media channels. Social networking sites can be used for building your brand presence online, sell a product or service or use them for interacting with customers. Whatever be you aim, your content should go with your objectives. Your main reason for doing a business is to address a requirement or solve an issue held by audience which is often called as target audience.

Which media platforms to use

When it comes to social media marketing, a number of options are there to choose from. However it is important to note that which social networking sites are apt for your business type and your target audience. Perhaps outweighing social media platforms to use is a major concern for small businesses. The best method to hook on social media platforms for your company is to make out where your prospective audience and ideal clients hang out. The simplest way to know this is to do a survey in which you can directly ask top 3 social media sites they follow. This is in fact very easier as compared to trying different platforms for their efficiency.

downloadEngaging content

You must have heard that content is the king. This holds same for social media marketing as well. Your content must be such that it educates, inspires reactions and responses as well. It is however essential to offer information and knowledge to customers in a creative and unique way as irrespective of what industry you are in, folks are sharing information on same subject you would be making posts on. Hence you must think of ways to sound out different from others and make your content utterly impressive.

Customer service

Customer service is something that can make or break a company’s name. Your customers must have a feeling that you value your business as well as customers so that they continue to purchase your products and services. Same is the case with social media, your social media audience and fans must feel that you respond to their needs, questions and queries. A social media blueprint must embrace that how you will manage customer concerns and customer complaints via online medium. You must also keep a dedicated person for handling on-line communications.

Measuring results

Success must be determined and analyzed in order to grow. Your plan must make mention of metrics to gauge effectiveness and how it is concerned with your online targets and objectives.

Causes Following The Reputation Of Short-Form Videos

short-form-videoThe World Wide Web is the innovation of Science which is worn by the public mainly. The internet is the position where citizens can dig up everything they necessitate in their lives. The internet not only cracks the necessary purposes like the data and amusement but also it is worn for the function like selling. Yes, the internet is the chief podium for doing the advertising fruitfully. Only because of having millions of addressees who uses the internet the promotion plan goes very glowing with the facilitate of the community networking pages like Twitter, Facebook and other to name.


What are Vine videos and Instagram?


These videos are the undersized time public videos to endorse somewhat in the social media advertising. The videos are normally the touching pictures and therefore there is the sparkle in them. Citizens get awfully much concerned to the videos the extent of which is six to fifteen seconds. Subsequently, public can acquire the swift outlook about the brand name or the business in succinct but in a brilliant and appealing technique. Instagram is possessed by Facebook and Vine is owned by Twitter as a result the citizens can publish their promoting commercials in these public networking pages through their relevant owned applications.


Why the petite term videos are admired for the advertising policies?


The short-type videos are especially much trendy in the current world for the internet marketing. There are a number of understandable reasons that completed the fixation so popular among the group to utilize it for solving their intention. The reasons are:


vine-instagramFundamentally, the construction of the superior and gorgeous videos in that short length of time is exceedingly harsh and the tougher is to correct that video in the respectable manner. Excluding, the apps like the Instagram and the others construct it straightforward for the public. There are selections for the starters where they can comprise the tutorial to craft thing suitably. The tools and the directions are exceptionally constructive and effortless to handle.


Secondly, the formatting of the videos is definitely very much imperative for the function. The ordinary videos which are previously prepared by the citizens have to go through countless editing and reduction for the prearranged time border. The video makers like the Instagram present the public the opening to find these videos condensed inside the appropriate time edge.


There is constructive information in the short-form video producer like how to accomplish the complete obsession or how to administer it inside a few agreed seconds.

The video be supposed to be chatting about a larger story in the short time period. The key spirit of the communication should be exceptionally well-known over there which is offered by these short of form videos creators.


The image magnetism must be there in the videos and this is as well prepared by these video makers. The extra the video will come across attractive the additional it will bid the crowd towards it. Consequently, the promotion of the brand name or the corporation will find the growth quicker than something through these short-form videos.

Reason Behind The Popularity Of Short-Form Videos

download (7)The internet is the invention of Science which is used by the people most. The internet is the place where people can get anything they required in their lives. The internet not only solves the basic purposes like the information and entertainment but also it is used for the purpose like marketing. Yes, the internet is the biggest platform for doing the marketing successfully. Because of having millions of viewers who uses the internet the marketing policy goes very well with the help f the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

What are Instagram and Vine videos?

These videos are the short time social videos to promote something in the social networking. The videos are generally the moving pictures and so there is the liveliness in them. People get very much attracted to the videos the duration of which is six to fifteen seconds. So people can get the quick view about the brand or the company in brief but in an exceptional and interesting way. Instagram is owned by Facebook and Vine is owned by Twitter so the people can post their promoting ads in these social networking sites through their respective owned applications.

Why the short term videos are popular for the marketinimages (11)g policies?

The short-form videos are very much popular in the present world for the marketing. There are some obvious reasons that made the thing so popular among the mass to use it for solving their purpose. The reasons are:

  1. Basically the creation of the good and attractive videos in that short duration of time is very tough and the tougher is to edit that video in the presentable manner. But the applications like the Instagram and the others make it easy for the people. There are options for the beginners where they can have the tutorial to make thing properly. The tools and the instructions are very useful and easy to handle.
  2. Secondly the editing of the videos is certainly very much important for the purpose. The normal videos which are already made by the people have to go through many editing and shortening for the prescribed time limit. The video makers like the Instagram give the people the opportunity to get these videos edited within the proper time limit.
  3. There is useful information in the short-form video maker like how to do the entire thing or how to manage it within some allotted seconds.
  4. The video should be talking about a greater story in the short time. The main essence of the message should be very prominent over there which is provided by these short-form videos makers.
  5. The visual attractiveness should be there in the videos and this is also done by these video makers. The more the video will look attractive the more it will invite the mass towards it. Thus the marketing of the brand or the company will get the growth faster than anything through these short-form videos.




An Easy Guide To Establish A Connection With Your Online Influencers

images (41)A single relationship with just one online influencer can have notable impact on your entire business. The online influencers are those people who are persuasive in personality and they hold the strings of other notable players within their groups. Business owners seek to build relationships with online influencers to help the consumers in the decision making process by popularizing ideas, and products through various channels. These online influencers can be easily reached but in case you are finding it difficult to connect with them, here are some tips to get to them:

You can use social networking sites to establish connection:

Social media is the quickest and the easiest way to establish connections with the online influencers because they already are available on the social networking platforms with an objective to connect with individuals of similar interest. One of the richest sources to obtain connections with professionals is LinkedIn. You can easily connect with them on this platform easily. Let go your ego and take an initiative to poke them first so that you obtain a response from them and they also know that you are interested in them

Be comprehensive, not limited:

Do not just say “hi” “hello” when you connect with these influencers or just don’t introduce yourself. Take the next step by offering them to meet over for a coffee or a dinner via email. And after you meet them, you can then go ahead and explain what you and your business does in-depth.

Engage yourself and keep others also engaged:

To come into the eyes of the influencers, keep posting on other blog sites. Finding a blog site similar to your business is quite easy. Target small scale blogs first and then move on to the top blog sites.  When you are seen as someone who is highly communicative and active on blog sites, you could actually evoke online users to connect with you. It is only possible to be big when you start from small.

images (40)Establish connection with those who is known is by someone you know:

When you establish connectivity with a person who is a mutual friend, you are assured that the person whom you are connecting with has a clear background and only then; you’ve been introduced. When you meet that person, be very clear in conveying what your business does and also clear all your doubt about the other person. Don’t just leave loose ends after your meeting. Instead, conduct a follow up with that person and be grateful to him/her for his/her time.

Explore what is worth to be offered and that too for free:

When you connect with an influencer, it is obvious that you got to bring something to the table. Sort it out that you find worth to be given for free then it could be your design skills, your time, or your talent also. Offer something that is of great value because the online influencer will be under this perception that you are bringing something greatly valuable and thus, recommend the offering to others.

Some Mini Campaigns Of Marketing Which Could Be Used Over Social Media

images (22)In this competitive industry, marketing has become extremely essential that too which is highly effective and broad reaching. That is why; business organizations analyze and make strategies for effective marketing.

These days, because of heavy traffic over the internet, maximum number of firms is now targeting social networking websites for promotional activities. Of course, we all know that millions of users are online on Twitter and facebook across the globe at any given point of time. This is the very reason why business organizations have begun their mini campaigns as a part of their marketing plans on social networking sites as the message passes across within few seconds and you can easily acquire millions of customers.

If you wish to quicken the process of marketing in limited resources that are available, here are few pointers below.

1.      React to current events that have happened:

It is a very tricky strategy of spicing up any current event that has occurred that is relevant to your industry. You could throw some catchy lines or fancy dialogs over the social media. You might even want the public to share their views, opinions on the same. Create a portal or a blog site which would serve as a common platform for internet users to share their views and simultaneously, respond to their responses.

images (23) 2.      Keep launching new products/services:

It is a smart move to inform your customers and make them aware about your recently launched product or a service that could be of relevance to them. You could publish eye-catching product articles and publish them over social media to attract customers. This is one of the mostly used business marketing mantras.

3.       Entice customers to a special event, promotion or a demonstration:

Launching of a product generally needs a demonstration session. Why not use this opportunity of inviting customers to the demo event? Of course, you really do not need to spare lots of time in inviting customers for a product demo. Just highlight your demo event over social media and then see the response. You are sure to receive an overwhelming response because news over social media travels with the speed of fire.

4.      Frequently share a company video or a customer video:

One of the best ideas is to publish a message video of any product from either you, or from one of your employees. You could even use any of your customers in the video to speak about the product as e testimonial. This way, you can get engaged with your customers very easily and your customers would also be updated.

5.      Always thank your customers for their trust and support:

It is never a bad thing to appreciate your customers through a video for their trust and loyalty over you. You could even make them realize that you are actually using their feedback to improvise the existing product or a service.

6.      Timely offer tips or information to your customers:

Business is a two-way process of give and take. It is not necessary to always make business through taking. You could even give them some informational tips in kind of how-to guides.

You really never know which idea would work for you and you could get even luckier.