Reddit: Let’s Have A Look At Its Benefits For Business Advertising

download (15)Reddit is a distinctive tool for social networking which is quite separate from the mainstream websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is social media networking platform that is utilized by not only youth but also business owners, entrepreneurs, content writer and all other kinds of folks.

The very first step towards maximizing the usage of this outstanding site is to first get to know what it is all about. It is a place where you can gather all the current news under one umbrella. Here folks from worldwide post news, articles and few tidbits from their own lives. There are a number of updates every few seconds and you witness all kinds of content on this platform:

Boost your business performance in an easier way!

Perhaps the good thing about utilizing Reddit is that you can share links and important URLs on it and check the interest of your visitors. You can prepare interesting content that folks would love to read and then you can yourself see the traffic getting attracted to your site in no time!

Free feedback for those who require!

Are you in a dilemma that what folks really think regarding your website content? Do you real need to know this to become a business success? Then what is stopping you! Turn a Reddit for life and you will witness success coming your way. Yes! Being a Redditor not only enables you to share your web pages with others but it also gives folks an opportunity to vote and comment on your posts. The more votes you get the greater is the chance for you to outshine your competitors and rank on page one. If you somehow end up gaining enormous votes then take no grief. This is time that you must change your planning to one that would go outdo the expectations of you audience and delight them rather than driving them to some other website. Their comments will be download (16)more than enough to tell you and you will get to know the main problem.

Is Your Site Content specific?

These sites are those that focus on just one theme or category such as technology, health or beauty. If your site caters to only one type of audience, then you must completely be making use of the Subreddits. These are categories within the site where folks with same interest can share their posts and hold useful discussions.

Redditors for Lifetime!

Fellow Redditors may just turn your friends for life time! It is well acclaimed that the Reddit community is a best one where Redditors help each other and provide pieces of useful advice. All you require to do is ask! Involve in some networking or hold useful discussions with interactive folks and have an excellent chance of picking their minds for good ideas and suggestions. So be a part of this social media networking platform and make way some free suggestions and advice and have unlimited fun!

Utilizing Social Media To Advertise You Business: The Basics

images (2)Social media are web based serviced that enables you to converse with others and share and build content through online community forums.

Social media present impressive marketing opportunities for business of all kinds and sizes. You can utilize social media to:

  • Advertise your brand name and business
  • Inform customers about your goods and services
  • Find out what customers think of your products and services
  • Draw attention of new customers
  • Create powerful relationships with present customers.

Benefits of utilizing social media

Social media marketing has many benefits:

Wide reach-Social media can reach a number of folks across the globe

Capability to aim particular groups-many forms of social media for instance Facebook, Foursquare enables businesses to aim particular groups, often in specific locations.

Free or low-cost-Multiple forms of social media are free for business and paid options are normally very low-priced.

Personal-Social media enables you to communicate on a personal touch with your customers and groups.

Fast- you can rapidly distribute information to many folks

Simple-You don’t require high-level competencies or computer tools to engage in social media. The average individual with a standard PC will never face any difficulty.

Risks of utilizing social media

As everything has got its own risks, social media has also got its risks which embraces:

  • Wasted time and money for minor or sometimes no tangible returns
  • The quick spread of the incorrect information about your business
  • Legal issues if you don’t follow privacy legislations and the laws about spam, copyright and other online problems.

It is essential to be mindful of these risks and to have planning in place to escape from them oid you decide to get engaged in social media marketing.

images (1)Key social media services

Different kinds of social media are best for different marketing actions. The key social media services include:

  • Facebook- A social networking website that enables you to have interactions with customers, post images and videos, advertise special offers and much more.
  • Twitter- A micro blogging service that enables you to send and receive short messages from prospects and promising prospects.
  • YouTube-An online video-hosting service that enables folks share their videos.
  • Blogs-Websites that embrace a series of entries or posts about topics that interest the writer much quite same like an online diary.
  • Coupon Sites-Websites that provide discount coupons for goods, services and occasions.
  • Online photo-sharing services-Websites that enable users to store, arrange and share their photo groups.
  • Location-based marketing websites-Websites that offer aimed marketing messages to customers in specific locations through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Customer review websites-Websites that highlight customers reviews of goods and products.

Many businesses are also utilizing online technology to back their marketing efforts. This embraces:

  • Developing applications for mobile devices
  • Altering web portals to ensure that they work appropriately on mobile devices
  • Fostering customers the option to make online payments

Twitter-One Of The Most Interesting Social Networking Sites

images (11)Twitter is one of the most interesting social networking sites but reports have been saying that Twitter has been trying hard to maintain active users online. The social media platforms have however added a whooping 14 million active which is about 6% up from the previous quarter but it is not as per the anticipations of some marketing analysts who were expecting a big increase in the percentage.

Currently Twitter is one such social media networking site that has 255 million active users and Facebook is another site which has over 1 billion active users in the world today. Here an active user means someone who logs in an account once a month and not necessarily tweeting on daily basis. So what must be done if you are one of the many that registers with a Twitter and abandoned it? Just give up that idea and give it a try once again.

Be patient: Unless you are a big brand, you need to be patient for the results. Always remember that your first won’t even get recognition as no one knows that you are there and who you are. So begin be favoriting, retweeting and answering to the content that appeal to you.

Follow a number of accounts: Search for more accounts that are meaningful to your interests but always be choosy. You may come across accounts that have over 100,000 followers but they would also be following other 80,000. So how you would see anything meaningful and relevant happening around you? But at the same time, never feel bad for unfollowing a person.

images (12)Be diligent: Always remember to spend even 5 to 10 minutes a day reading, favoriting and answering to tweets. Never be disheartened if your replies ad tweets do not get unnoticed. The more you tweet, the quicker you will learn that what works on Twitter and what does not. After that you would be an expert in Twitter and post content likewise.

Put across something: Never skip days between your tweets. Be it a discount code, information on sales or something entertaining be active. Having said that, never tweet for the same of tweeting. Always put some across something and remember that you must have something to say. Then only it is worth tweeting.

Looking for latest in technology? Or perhaps some motivation to get jump-started? What best way to easy life that putting across your words of wisdom in just 140 characters?

If you are new to Twitter or just searching to freshen your feed up a bit, you can follow the given ten people that you should be following.

Given below are the people entrepreneurs must follow

  • Twitter
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Seth Godin
  • Tony Hseih
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Tim Ferris
  • Goals
  • Jane Mcgonigal
  • Ali Brown





How Can You Use Images For Online Advertising?

marketAre you having a difficult time doling out articles to advertise your products and services? Does the idea of trying to create a video getting on your nerves? There is yet another method to build great content to advertise your business through online marketing and it is simpler than you may be thinking.

Let’s see how you can use these images for online advertising to aid you create brand awareness, enhance your search traffic and enhance your social following online.

It is no surprise that few of the most frequented websites in the world are focused around searching or sharing pictures. For instance, following given sites constantly show up lists of top sites:

Build an Image marketing strategy

images (26)It is never too persuading someone that one of the famous traffic sources can be a picture based site such as Google Images or Pinterest. But we progress to witness it happen as more businesses are getting innovative and aggressive with their image advertising strategies.

To aid you take benefit of these fabulous traffic referral sources I have mentioned below few important steps build your own effective image advertising strategy.

  • Optimize the pictures on your site/blog
  • Set up accounts on not more than 1-2 image websites that you really utilize
  • Begin with what you already possess
  • Get to know how to operate the profile
  • Blend it well
  • Gain some exposure

Let your pictures speak for you and your business

It has been never been simpler to capture, build and utilize images to obtain your message out to those willing to know. And if your business is such that builds innovative products and offers amazing experiences, they your audience desires to hear from you even more. Pictures as already stated are an impressive way to do just that.

With a good strategy, a little innovation and a lot of dedication images can be utilized very impressively to aid business get more exposure and grow more business. Whether you are already utilizing images for business marketing and require some guidance or you are still considering the option of utilizing images to enhance your business, a lot of article available online will help you take an informed decision.


How Can Business Be Benefited From LinkedIn?

download (20)As opposed to Twitter, Facebook and other famous social networking platforms, LinkedIn is for professional  networking. It has a number of advantages for the business to business firms and also supports unique advantages for business to consumer firms.

Given below are few of the advantages for firms utilizing LinkedIn:

Create your professional network via the strength of social media.

Stuff done via genuine world networking can be developed more swiftly and effectively via an online professional networking atmosphere. It develops an ideal environment for creating your network. By utilizing LinkedIn you can review a supplier’s, accountant’s or lawyer’s references, reviews and expertise before building contact with a fresh connection.

Besides, LinkedIn offers a chance to enhance your network. When you pay a visit to a potential connections profile, LinkedIn will show the levels of separation between you and the connection. For instance, if you were to search for Tiffy Bacon’s LinkedIn profile, you would look that your accountant knows Tiffy’s attorney and the attorney knows Tiffy. Utilizing LinkedIn as a social networking tool, you can view your mutual connections with third parties. This can aid you in creating an introduction to an essential supplier, dealer, strategic partner or future employees.

images (23)Enhance exposure with a LinkedIn firm page for products, services and to pull high-grade employees

Firms can build a LinkedIn Company page that features their firm’s products or services. This will enhance exposure for your firm as there is more space on Internet where potential suppliers, employees, dealers can known regarding your products and services. Besides listing your firm will massively enhance traffic to your site by enabling you to place a suitable link to your website on your profile or company page.

Finally on your firm’s page your firm can post job opportunities. Other LinkedIn users who are searching employment can find jobs via LinkedIn and your firm will have goof opportunity to fill vacant opening with highly talented employees. Besides, potential employees who utilizing LinkedIn compared to typical job searching websites are certainly the kind of creative go-getters that a firm would instead hire.

Enhance trust and attract fresh business opportunities

No matter what the organization is, it can always enhance its trust. LinkedIn provides an impressive opportunity to receive references from past employees, customers etc. There reviews are not made public unless approved by the organization. By requesting references from persons with whom you have worked earlier, you can enhance your trust with prospective business connections. LinkedIn members can too follow firms which lets them stay up to date with essential company information.

By obtaining recommendation and owning followers on LinkedIn, a firm showcases an impressive opportunity to enhance their business. Who wouldn’t desire to work with a organization that has a number of positive reviews and LinkedIn followers?


Twitter: Why Is Twitter A Must-have For Business Marketing?

images (18)With more than 500 million active users and an average of 5000 to 10000 new folks joining this social media site each day, Twitter is an important social media platform for not only large businesses but also for small businesses as well. This is a platform that your small business must optimize on a regular basis. If you have still not thought about using this great networking site to advertise your products and services, converse with industry champions and introduce your brand to potentially new customers and admirers, you may desire to rethink about your business marketing strategy. If you are dedicated about enhancing your small business online, you must never neglect utilizing the fabulous platform of Twitter for business marketing!

Given below are some interesting statistics to get you motivated about how serious you must be about utilizing Twitter as an important social media marketing tool?

  • Firms that utilize Twitter generate two times more business leads that those businesses who do not use Twitter.
  • More than 600 million search queries are received on Twitter in a single day.
  • Over 75 percent of individuals are more expected to buy from a company brand they follow on the platform of Twitter.
  • About 42 percent of firms that utilize Twitter for advertising have obtained a customer through this platform which is simply great.
  • Firms that have 1000+ Twitter followers receive six times more site traffic than those who do not own such great numbers.
  • About 42 percent of Twitter users utilize the medium of social media networking to research different products and services and this is what makes twitter the first choice for business marketing.

download (15)Above given social media facts and trends suggest only one thing and that is that the majority of the business owners and individuals comprehend the value of social media networking and marketing. Also they now have finally accepted that social media is no more a fantasy world. The brands which everyone is loving now days are making use of social media-specifically Twitter- as an important marketing tool that must be rightly optimized. If you still in a dilemma that you should use Twitter for your business or not or how best you can use this specific network to market products and services, you need not worry! You can get endless material on net and a number of ebooks are released on this topic where you will easily get to know that how you can make the most of Twitter platform as an essential tool for your organization.


Twitter: The Top Social Media Networking Platform For Taking Your Business To Next Level

download (8)The need for every company out there to be present on Twitter, the top social media networking platform cannot be overlooked. Being present on Twitter will not only lend your company competitive advantages over other companies that are still considering utilizing Twitter for the promotion of their services.

If you operate a business and still do not have the benefits why your business requires to be present on Twitter, given below are few reasons that will let you know why Twitter is a must have for your business.

It is free of cost:

For those who do not have money to invest on Twitter need not worry as they can advertise and promote their products and services at no cost involved which otherwise would cost them an arm and a leg.

It has a wider reach:

With more than 200 million active Twitter users, this is surely a wider reach to ignore or not to benefit from that. Hence the best idea would be make use of this platform to reach hoards of audience.

It lends you closer to your audience:

Joining Twitter will pull you close to your customers. With this medium you can undoubtedly connect with hundreds or thousands of customers who you have not other method of reaching. With Twitter, you can easily know what others are taking about you. If they are not satisfied regarding your products and services, tell them that you are sorry for the inconvenience and facilitate with the reason to prefer you by enhancing your products and services. If your customers talks well regarding your products and service then strive to keep them happy and keep on enhancing your services.

It enables your audience stay in touch with the recent happenings of your business:

The second a client or any customer interested in your brand follows you on Twitter, whenever you post a fresh tweet related to your business they will view it. Besides what you can do is publish new coupons for your services, lending your business that added boost.

download (9)It enables you keep a check on your opponent:

I do utilize Twitter to spy on your opponent. You can get to know what your business competitors are talking and its customers by going through their tweets. If you come across a loophole in your competitor services as a result of which clients are complaining, you can tweet that particular client. It is best if you follow your opponent in twitter as well.

It aids you in enhancing you business sales:

Just think you brand has a million Twitter followers, tweeting a fresh product or service suggest receiving at least 20 sales from them. Hence with this, I have therefore getting increased number of followers must be one of your business target.


What Should I Use for My Small Business? You Tube Or Vimeo

download (12)As you consider social media and social media marketing in terms of how you advertise your small business you will know that they are a number of ways to reach customers and also share your information.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the top four social media buttons that you may find on most of the websites. But these are not only the four options and you may face a dilemma where you will be left to answer the question: Which one is best for you?

When it comes to video sharing, the main reason to utilize any of these services is to not own the expense of hosting. Videos require a lot of space on the server and can affect you website performance if you host them all by yourself. So opting for a video hosting service and embedding files in an i-frame enables you to keep your website working just fine. It is also based on the service you utilize and is an impressive way to get visibility on the web off of your website

But the most confusing question that I want to ask today is, Should I utilize YouTube or Vimeo for my small business?”

Quite obvious the answer is based on what kind of audience you are targeting and how you want to seen by them.

Let’s see how to utilize them and how one would be the better option than other and vice versa. Obviously the last call would be yours but here are some things that you must pay heed to:

images (26)If you are a company that sells directly to your customers or what you call as B2C business and also want to keep the expense low at the same time, YouTube would be a great choice, Why? As it is free of cost and has no such limitation on what content you display and will randomly pull your video up dependent on relevant keywords: which suggests you have more chances of getting found online. If you are dealing in an e-commerce business than again YouTube is an impressive way to share commercials and advertise product and share videos at the same time.

For a company that primarily sells to other business, the best option would be Vimeo. But there is a cost associated so that you can utilize it with no limitations. Actually Vimeo is one such video sharing site that is more stringent with what kinds of videos are uploaded. While it free of cost you cannot use it for infomercial kind of video or commercials that involve selling or promoting your product or services until and unless you register for their “Pro” plan. However if you want to utilize video just for sharing some useful information or what we say as quality content, vimeo is a good option as you can easily embed the video on your website too. I recommend spending the small amount to get the Pro plan as it has the biggest benefit over YouTube for small business is that you and your business is kept as the main focus and there are no advertisement or any other videos that pop up at the end of your video.

What Are The Advantages Of Instagram For Your Business?

downloadInstagram is a famous app known for the cool images you can click with it. But there a lot more that you can do with Instagram that meets the eye. Once you are done with cool images, you will also see how good it can be for your business.

If you consider, you will discover that Instagram could be a good marketing tool. And with the fame of this particular app, it is something that is popular amongst small businesses and non-profits must explore.

Given below are the three advantages of utilizing Instagram for small businesses:

Personal Touch:

When I say personal touch I am definitely not talking about the color of your office walls or your appealing business cards. What I mean here is your personality outside of your business. Just like many other businesses you may also have given up your savings, took a great risk and got rid of office job so that you can do what you love. Since most of your audience is not aware about you can always use Instagram as the best opportunity to show audience your personal side. By carrying out this you will not only increase your business performance but will also leave a long-lasting impression on present and future customers.


Display your role in the business by lending your customer with behind-the-scenes peek at how you run stuff. This could be an image of you in a meeting or a conference of you playing a trick on a co-worker. These kinds of simple images and videos can be wrapped up in less than five minutes and will help in adding a good personal touch.

New Demographic

This social networking platform connects folks from all over the world to one another through pictures. And once you begin utilizing it, you automatically open yourself to an entire new demographic of folks. For almost all small business owners and of course based in your aimed audience, this can be a very good thing.

Reports say that over 150 million folks utilize Instagram with 55 millionimages (24) images being uploaded each day. Take benefit of this outstanding big, active network of people and connect with prospective customers.


It is rather simple. Simply download this wonderful app and begin building your presence on Instagram. Stay open to fresh connections and being active is the key to success to converse with a new demographic.


It is simple to get involved in all those nice images, but as I mentioned earlier there is even more to Instagram than the images. Instagram is like any other social networking site so utilize it to its full and network!


Social networks are built to aid people meet new connections and build new relationships. Begin conversing with an entire new network of interconnected folks. In turn, you will gain a number of followers, prospective fresh customers and new partners.

And is this is not enough, you always have a chance to connect Instagram to Facebook and Twitter. This makes it rather simple to connect all of your networks and utilize them interchangeably without too much effort.


Which Ones Are The Top Social Media Platforms To Watch In The Year 2014?

Obviously Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine will stay as the champions of the social media landscape but chances are that the new and unexplored social media channels can also lure many of us in.

A real signal of the potential and commitment of these fresh social channels comes in the form of engagement and financial banking of A-list celebrities, billionaires and strong social media players. Whether it is Leonardo DiCpario or Justin Bieber or the co-founder of Twitter, it seems the affluent and popular are curious to get their hands in the lots of social media pies and correctly so. In the year 2013 it was reported that the value of Facebook’s market had reached over $100 bn while the social media giant too bought Instagram for what was taken by many as the low cost of $1bn.

To aid you ride the social media trend wave with thrilling adventure in 2014, here are the top 5 social media websites:


Powered by Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Willians, Lance Armstrong and Tobey Maguire, this opponent of Instagram definitely is an appealing choice. However this is not such a uniqueness in the world of the start- up social network as we will explore in near future.

Quite identical to Instagram, Mobli functions as a visual search engine and enables users to follow friends and find hashtags. However Mobli normally has more properties than its forefather and flaunted video-sharing abilities long before they are accessible on Instagram and Vine.


This creative fresh blogging platform hails from the A-list of the social media landscape. The co-founder of Twitter as well as Blogger, Evan Williams brings you a blogging platform that will lend you with the best posts of the website. (via an algorithm and an editorial pool of members)

Despite being closed sign-up network restricted to content from the sharp minds in technology, design and culture initially, Medium has now made it possible for any user to write on the website. This platform provides a rapid and clean approach with its easy format, making it outstandingly simple for even the most tech-phobic writers to air their unique content.

download (7)Impossible:

Supermodel and actress turned entrepreneur, Lily cole built her own social network by the name of Impossible at the end of year 2013. Backed by Wikipedia and other sharp minds of Google, this website has a great potential to cover the distance and perhaps bring about a change in the world-to a certain degree obviously.

Shots of Me

Yeah the inevitable has taken place. Justin Bieber has invested a good amount in social networking site that supports one function i.e. to share selfies. This app is only compatible with a phone’s front facing camera and must hopefully attract majorly the teenagers. The images are required to be instant quite similar to Snapchat.

download (6)We Heart It

It has been recently reported by Mashable that We Heart It can be the next big social network while TechCrunch also described the social platform as a trend-setting app for youth. And with whopping 25 million users, three billion page views every month and over 60 million fresh pictures a month, it is very simple to see why.


Twitter Advertisement: Best Way To Promote Your Business

images (18)As we all know that Twitter advertisement is not at all similar to newspaper advertisements. When you purchase a newspaper advertisement, you are undoubtedly purchasing square on a piece of paper that number of folks may or may not view or even be entertained by.

When you purchase a Twitter ad through Twitter Ads, you are purchasing space in someone’s timeline. And not just anyone but someone whom you can select. You can select a geographic area, you can shortlist their interests but someone who they follow the list continues. You can actually have the final word on which folks may like to see your advertisement and only pitch in market to them.

Twitter even created this feature even more distinct by enabling promoters to send advertisements only to folks who make mention of particular keywords in their timelines.

In April 2013, Twitter made this feature even more unique by allowing advertisers to send ads only to people who mention specific keywords in their timelines.

In July 2013, they upgraded the keywords that aim features by enabling you to exclude specific keywords from the folks that you aim at. Here’s how they put it:

images (17)“Negative keyword match enhances campaign accuracy by excluding Tweets with specific keywords. For instance, a coffee shop may desire to exclude terms like “servlet” and “computer” to ensure they reach coffee lovers in their java break and not engineers interested in java programming tips.”

Another add-on characteristic, famous for those catering customers is that while aiming these keywords you can “uncheck the filter for feelings to win over customers going through a negative experience. For instance, the coffee shop can reach folks who tweet regarding bad lattes with a coupon for 15% discount on their next purchase.”

A number of ways are there that you can purchase Twitter advertisements.

  • You can pick to advertise your account, where you only pay of some fresh person follows you.
  • You can advertise your Tweets, where you pay either pay by visibility or by click. When you advertise Tweets you can:
  • Target by interests (like whom they are following, what are is there in the profile and other stuff)
  • Target by keywords (like what they are genuinely tweeting about

What is good about purchasing a Twitter ad is that you only pay for outcomes. You can tell Twitter that you only desire to spend $20 and Twitter will utilize that up with new follows, retweets, answers and click. It is impressive way to test copy.