Social Media Strategies for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate marketers believe that social media strategies are crucial in realizing varied goals for the affiliate business. Social media experts suggest that affiliates must give enough attention to coordinate with their partners and their social media goals, in a way acting as an extension of the brand.

For instance, if you are marketing health products, you may want to impart essential information and tips to start conversations and to enrich discussions, so you will be regarded as a reliable source in the industry. However, be sure to review guidelines stipulated by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC in promoting products through paid commissions.

Social Media As An Effective Channel for Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, many large companies are tapping the power of social media as an affiliate marketing technique in promoting their products and services. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are now massively used for brand marketing.

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You can connect your affiliate site to a partner company’s social web profiles such as fan pages. By proactively participating in social media sites, companies will try to establish relationship with potential customers and promote their online presence. This open platform can also be used to gather information about your competitors. Just search their brands on social media sites and try to read the stream of their activities.

Social Bookmarking and Twitter Marketing

Affiliate marketers can include social bookmarking buttons on their affiliate sites to provide visitors easy ways to share content through varied social media platforms. This is a very natural and health affiliate marketing, since if a person likes a post or content, it will be easy to share them through social bookmarks. This is also a cost-effective strategy since marketers don’t have to spend money.

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Meanwhile, twitter has emerged as a social media channel for affiliate marketing. Product launches, announcements of promos, breaking news, and many more could be shared through Twitter. The shared links shared through Twitter can reach billions of followers. It does not only promote brands and entice customers; it can also promote information and convert the leads into revenues.

Blog Writing and Video Marketing

The emergence of free blogging platforms have made it easy for affiliate marketers to promote products without the usual hassles of website maintenance. Just be sure that you know how to market your blog to millions of readers online. If you have prospects, you can easily generate revenue from the blogs easily.


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On the other hand, affiliate marketers can also publish videos into their social media profiles using YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo, and many more. For example, if you are promoting beauty products, you can post videos for beauty tips or explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a certain beauty regimen. Bear in mind that video marketing is more effective compared to content marketing. Online visitors normally prefer watching videos than read lengthy content.

These social media strategies are some of the few ways you can do to become effective affiliate marketers. You must be creative and innovative in using social media platforms to increase your chance to succeed.


Building "300$ Per Month" Profitable Niche Websites Part 2

Ok, for those who had not read the First Part Of Building Profitable Niche Websites? I recommended reading it before going through these steps, so you can better understand the process of building profitable niche website.

Last time I was stopped on third step which was Go slowly & smartly, so let me continue myself from the same, because I personally feel, that this is one of the powerful step which can bring the perfect values and top search ranking on your websites.

Target less competitive and high searches keywords, for your websites, I said less competitive which mean your competitors must be very limited or very less. Because less competitors that mean goggle will easily placed you on the front page or may be on top 3 search results.

I always used my favorites three organic traffic source which comes with 0$ investment and guess what they will bring traffic to your website for lifetime, you will get free traffic from them for lifetime and on absolutely 0$ cost.

Social Book Marking : Social bookmarking mean bookmarked your websites on most using social  bookmarking websites, which result comes with back links and referred visitors to your websites

Article Back linking:- Daily write and submit 3 to 5 genuine articles for your website and submit them to top article directories, and these directories allow you to put your website back links toward your website, which mean you can enjoy lifetime free visitors from there as well J

Video marketing : – Youtube is best place to do video marketing of your website content, or any video related to your website can be uploaded there with your website reference, and you can get good number of visitors from there on auto pilot.

2 more parts will be published very soon.